As innovation specialists,
Triple Agent serves
three inseparable forces.

The innovator (our client and their business)

The consumer
The world at large

Why triple? Why agent?

Triple because our allegiance is to our clients, to people and to society. To achieve maximum impact, we need to honor these interconnected interests.

Agents rely on non-obvious insights and an agile mindset to uncover opportunities and execute the mission - whether it's driving change or catalyzing growth. Agents quietly operate behind the scenes. They understand and navigate complex dynamics, both visible and invisible, and eliminate obstacles.

Agents seek to drive change from within. We work with you to affect permanent cultural transformation on the road to delivering market leading innovations to your customers.

Our clients come from a variety of industries and stages of growth, but they all have some things in common.

Success – internally and in the market — is an unapologetic priority (like us, their teams want to win.)

Team leadership is brave enough to swim in the innovation waters, but humble enough to seek help externally.

Rather than learn the hard way, they value the ability (and experience) of an expert to architect the optimal conditions for innovation.

View us as an ‘agent’ in the fullest sense; a resource which embeds within an existing culture, helps shape the mindset and process, then exits without leaving a gap to be filled.

“I love being part of designing a product, service or business that will leave the world better than how I found it. Whether I’m interviewing local farmers about water sources in India or gathering sneaker intelligence on the streets of Detroit, my insights all start from a north star that prioritizes deep human connection.”

I created an agency, and became an independent consultant, in a single moment. Of course, the building of a company took time, but my decision – to break away from an internal role and facilitate change from the outside in — happened in a split second.

After key positions in Big Innovation, I saw threads of common problems that I couldn’t put down. I saw smart, well-intended teams who struggled to deliver on company vision because of systemic drag, a lack of effective process and almost zero co-authored, replication-friendly solutions to the issues plaguing them. I saw how valuable externality could be when I worked with outside innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. I observed how futile change can be when a team hopes to break a barrier that is also being used as a company floor. This impression, after many years, left a mark. I knew as a practitioner, I could make a difference.

One of the most common deficits I observed, across industry as much as company size, was a lack of culture of experimentation. Testing, learning and celebrating small steps isn’t just more fun (but that’s important, too), it actually gets people closer to the answer. Everyone will make mistakes and for innovation to work, that has to be ok. It’s inherently risky.

I also saw people achieve amazing results, against the odds, with key behavioral shifts and non-obvious insights. I've been a part of teams working in environments with structures, systems and incentives that had been intentionally designed to enable innovation and were extremely successful in generating revenue growth. Where the freedom to experiment and validate hypotheses led to a culture of learning and the capacity to know when to let go and start anew. Having been a part of many of these inspirational models, I saw an opportunity to break away from the “inside,” to share this wisdom more effectively and to help others succeed, faster.

Triple Agent is my answer to bridging these and other gaps for organizations that are ready to embrace ambiguity and experimentation.

Our values

(and why we think what we think)

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

The best insights are forged from human connection.

There’s no magical solution, but there are a-ha moments.

Don’t just ask good questions; Listen better – so you understand.

Work is more fun when you love the road as much as the destination.

Unlocking the keys to human progress is what drives business results and creates impact.

Happy clients

“Rachel and her team brought a powerful outside-in perspective, exactly where we needed it. Her expertise in the areas of growth & innovation strategy were shape shifting for us. We are different than when she found us, and her fingerprints left an indelible mark on how we do what we do.”

“Rachel helped us create organizational structures for breakthrough innovation. We came to her for new venture creation and a need for more productive experimentation. She delivered all this – and more.”

“Rachel’s appreciation for diverse cultures and inherent desire to drive human progress stems from her global experiences – personally and professionally. She is a seeker who delights in discovery – a refreshing, ego-free consultant who loves the process as much as the outcome.”

“Rachel quickly understood our company’s personality. It didn’t scare or dissuade her. It seemed to give her the right language and framework to help us, actually. I loved watching her figure us out.”


Diane Osgood, Ph.D.

Rajeswari Sheth

Jessica Sandin

Sheldon Bernard