We help ambitious teams deliver innovation, on repeat.

As an innovation leader, you’re expected to turn opportunity into impact. Commercializing ideas is what you do. As an innovation agency, we create replicable systems, structures and processes needed to establish innovation capability within your organization. From setting the right strategy and metrics to building better systems, we speak your language and can quickly decode the hidden values and priorities of your organization. We will make you more efficient and make sure every minute counts.

We believe

Real innovation benefits people and planet.

We love bringing a cool new concept to market to solve a consumer need, improve someone’s life and make the world better for the human race. This is at the heart of why we love doing this ambitious work together with our clients.

If you aren’t innovating, you aren’t (really) in business.

We live in a world where innovation means different things to different organizations. Context and goals vary, but the most successful companies believe innovation isn’t optional. It’s a way of operating, not just a means to an end. It’s an engine that’s always firing.

Rapid, sustained growth doesn’t happen by default. It’s intentional.

Because innovation is already filled with inherent risk, the process of innovating is sometimes more important than the outcomes realized. Innovation is as much a discipline and frame of mind as it is a final product. Conditions need to be optimized to deliver growth. It won’t happen on its own.

Triple Agent’s insightful perspective unlocks business growth.

Founder Rachel Gordon is a global citizen whose deep expertise and innate curiosity make her a trusted partner to C-suite leaders in Fortune 500 companies and scale-up founders. A natural trailblazer, she has led innovation initiatives across Europe and North America, including work with: Abbvie, AstraZeneca, Danone, Hershey’s, Kraft, PepsiCo, Premier Foods, Procter & Gamble, and Virgin Atlantic.

Triple Agent has helped clients create internal structures for successful long-term innovation, enabling them to uncover market opportunities, build innovation capability and position themselves for large-scale growth. 

A snapshot of what we’ve done, and with whom.

Triple Agent guards customer confidentiality closely, which means not all our work can be revealed. Without sensitive details and confidential problems, we think this brief selection of our customer roster speaks for itself.

Coca Cola Logo

As an expert and extended team member, advised a cross-functional team on business model innovation related to sustainability. Scoped projects, selected partners, coached new leaders on innovation methods and innovation management.

NBA logo

As Specialist Advisor to the Chief Innovation Officer at the National Basketball Association, led the set-up of a new insights-driven growth and innovation team charged with developing new products and services.

Harley Davidson Logo

As an external Advisor, supported the Chief Strategy Officer to explore new, experiential business models. Designed project, selected partner, coached a new leader.

General Mills Logo

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bionic Solutions, coached startup teams inside General Mills' venture studio to identify strategic opportunities for growth and build adjacent, transformational businesses.

Building the plane while flying it is ambitious and impossible.

We’ve seen world-class wins and disasters and plenty of diluted outcomes in between. Here’s what we know — ideas and talent are one thing, a growth engine is another. Even the best innovations will fail without organizational systems intentionally designed to enable them to be commercialized.

We always start with the bottom line.

Innovation happens at all stages of organizational maturity, yet speed to market to get to a return is always top of mind. Some teams are new to innovation while others are formalizing structures or figuring out how to scale. The more experienced are going beyond their core business, piloting new offerings or creating a startup venture. These factors all call for different strategies and structures to ensure a return on investment.

Where are you? We’ll meet you there.

Each of our engagements is bespoke and draws on our vast experience introducing successful innovation practices to companies across various industries.

Going from ad hoc innovation to formalizing something that’s intended to break the status quo.

Building out or reshaping systems, capabilities and structures within an existing innovation function.

Scaling a high capacity team or integrating innovation with the core business, especially across different functions or geographies.

Engaging with potential partners, external startups or emerging tech ecosystems to explore and pilot a new offering.

Moving from developing products and services to a much bigger pie in the sky: building ventures.

Innovation is not about a magic cape. Yes, it’s fearless work but it isn’t about one superhero.

We’ve seen every possible way things go wrong to prevent an innovation from reaching the market.

Our mission is to help you ask the right questions and avoid making mistakes.

Growth and Innovation Strategy

  • What are your areas of focus for innovation? (Hint: product isn’t the only thing you can innovate.)
  • Should you build, partner or buy?
  • Does your strategy align with company business objectives and timelines?

Structures and Integration

  • What best serves your needs: Innovation in existing business units or as a separate structure?
  • How is your innovation activity connected with corporate strategy, venturing and M&A?
  • What type of governance is best for your innovation efforts?

Budget and Resource Allocation

  • Expense of failure increases exponentially as you near launch; How can you fail fast, often and use the fewest resources?
  • Given the realities of frequent failure, do you have a diverse portfolio?
  • How do you design the best project to explore an area of opportunity?

Market and Consumer Insights

  • What could a new business model look like for an innovative offer?
  • How will new technologies and tools be utilized to gather fresh insights?
  • How will you evolve your research methods as you progress with validation?

Innovation Metrics

  • How are you defining metrics for success?
  • How are they linked to business objectives?
  • How do they differ from core business objectives?

External Partners

  • Who can bring fresh thinking to this challenge?
  • Who are the optimal service partners for the objectives?
  • What capabilities do you need in-house and which should you buy as needed?

People and Culture

  • What defines a high-performing innovation team in your business?
  • Should innovation talent be sourced and managed differently than the rest of the business?
  • How do you assess and reward innovation talent?

Mindset and Capability

  • How can your business instill an experimentation (test and learn) mindset?
  • What are the steps to build capability?
  • How will you measure progress?